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Submission Guideline

Article 1 (Language of the Manuscript)

  All manuscripts should be written in either Korean or English. If words from Chinese or another language are used, these words should be put in parenthesis.


Article 2 (Format of the Manuscript)

  The manuscript should be written using Hangul(HWP) 2007 or higher. Manuscripts written in Korean should use Patong “Dae-Pyo>Patang” font (letter spacing 90 with –5 point narrow spacing). Manuscripts in English should use “English>Times New Roman” font (letter spacing 100 with –5 point narrow spacing).


Article 3 (Submission Qualification)

  All authors who submit manuscripts should have a valid MBALL membership. A review fee of 60,000 won should also be submitted into the association account for the review of the manuscript.



Article 4 (Manuscript Submission Deadlines)

  The annual manuscript submission dates are December 5 (1st edition on February 28), March 5 (2nd edition on May 31), June 5 (3rd edition on August 31), and September 5 (4th edition on November 30).


Article 5 (Publication Fees)

  Authors of manuscripts accepted for publication are responsible for publication fees. For all manuscripts that do not exceed 20 pages in length, the fee is 150,000 won. In case when supported by research grant, the fee is 300,000 won. A charge of 10,000 won per page is assessed for all manuscripts that exceed 20 pages in length.


Article 6 (Cancellation of Publication)

  If it is confirmed that the manuscript has been published elsewhere or if there is suspicion of plagiarism of the contents, MBALL reserves the right to cancel the publication and necessary follow-up action can be taken by the research ethics committee.


Article 7 (Copyright)

  All manuscripts submitted to this journal are not returned. In addition, the authors and MBALL share the copyrights of all published manuscripts.


Article 8 (Manuscript Guidelines)

  ① In general, manuscript editing styles should follow the latest Chicago Format regulations (author-year priority) unless otherwise specified.

  ② Submissions that do not comply with MBALL’s Submission Specifications shall not be accepted.



1. Adopted on May 15, 2004.

2. Revised on January 1, 2005.

3. Revised on January 1, 2007.

4. Revised on January 1, 2016.